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We have drones ready to assist your needs in confined and indoor environments that are difficult to access. As well as being a safety bonus for operators and inspectors, indoor drone inspections save on costly scaffolding and complex crane insertions, as well as time-consuming assembly and disassembly.
Equipped with special cages, sensors and powerful lights, the indoor inspection task is now much faster and safer. With drones, it's just set and fly.


For outdoor inspections we have the best drones on the market, with powerful zooms that allow us to obtain very sharp images of possible details without the need to bring the drone close to the facilities or ships.
Able to withstand strong winds, or even adverse weather conditions, outdoor drones are the fastest and safest option for inspecting those details that would be difficult to see using conventional methods.


We provide a consultancy and training service for companies who want to implement drones to their infrastructures and they need the figure of a project manager to develop it. Piloting training for the employees, surveys & inspections, drones acquisitions... If your have those special needs for your company, please send us an email and we will discuss the better way to cover your requirements.


Based in Spain and Switzerland, we are ready to assist our customers in any country in the world where needed. Whether by road or by air, our pilots and technicians are prepared to assist your needs wherever they are required in three different languages, and our equipment is designed in lightweight packages so it can be checked onto aircraft without the need of costly and time-consuming airfreight shipments.